The People vs. Grandma Ruffman is an episode of season three of Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, released in 2008. The title was based on the film "The People vs. George Lucas".

Plot Edit

Ruff gets a message from his grandmother that she has been arrested. He tells the Fetchers that there was hidden metal file inside one of her cakes, so the authorities thought she was trying to break Scruff Ruffman out of prison. Ruff assigns them to try to free Grandma Ruffman!

In the trial, the Fetchers explain that Grandma Ruffman only bakes with baking powder, but the cake wasn't made out of baking powder. It turns out that it was Scruff's girlfriend who put the file in the cake! Grandma Ruffman was set free from the jail.

In the end, Grandma Ruffman explains that she had based the cake on Scruff's famous song "Hot Diggity Dog".

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