This is the 4th Season 5 episode of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman


Ruff receives a crate of 100 turtleneck sweaters (only good for turtles) from Spot Spotnik—a trickster of a dog—and he also gets an email invitation to participate in a radio game show.

Shreya and Marco went to Florida and learned about endangered sea turtles. They followed loggerhead sea turtle tracks and found eggs—hatched and un-hatched—as well as two baby turtles buried in the sand. The FETCHers posted signs so the nests wouldn't be disturbed and set the babies free to crawl to the ocean.

Ruff sent Jay to be a contestant on the radio game show "Who's the Smarty Pants?" The show's questions were really hard, and Jay could only answer the last one: "Who got pranked on this game show?" The answer: Jay did! The whole thing was a prank by Spot Spotnik!

Meanwhile, Emmie, Marc, and Rubye stayed back at Studio G where they got 45 points during the Halftime Quiz Show.

After completing their challenges, Shreya, Marco, and Jay returned to Studio G for the Triumph Tally:

Jay scored:

  • 70 points: for keeping his cool and never giving up

Marco and Shreya scored:

  • 75 points: for marking a new turtle nest, investigating a hatched turtle nest like a real field biologist, and for releasing two baby turtles into the ocean

BUT: "Is that all the points a dog can give?"

Jay got 10 bonus points for being a good sport during Spot Spotnik's prank. Jay was the daily winner with 80 points and won a turtle full of turtle chocolates!


The questions asked on Who's the Smarty Pants were:

Jay's 1st question: What famous Englishman's expirements with freezing meat in 1626 caused his death from exposure? (Answer: Sir Francis Bacon)

Olivia's 1st question: What shape is a circle? (Answer: Round)

Jay's 2nd question: What trade was Greek philosopher Socrates trained for? (Answer: Stonecutting)

Olivia's 2nd question: The U.S. flag is comprised of three colors. Name them. (Answer: Red, white and blue)

Jay's 3rd question: Who was billed as the Human Mop when he joined his family's acrobatic vaudeville act at age three? (Answer: Buster Keaton)

Olivia's 3rd question: A baby dog is called a... (Answer: Puppy)

Jay's 4th question: An average human has 46 chromosones. How many does a cabbage have? (Answer: 18)

Olivia's 4th question: If someone is considered a brunette, what color is their hair? (Answer: Brown)

500 Point Bonus Buzzer Question: Who got pranked on this quiz show? (Answer: Jay)

When Jay was given his third question, he answered Carrot Top, which was incorrect.

In the turtle challenge, Dr. Anne mentioned that there were 501 loggerhead sea turtle nests.

Triumph TallyEdit

  • JAY: 80
  • SHREYA & MARCO: 75

Daily ScoresEdit

  • SHREYA & MARCO: 240
  • RUBYE: 215
  • JAY: 210
  • EMMIE & MARC: 165

Special Guest StarEdit

Crush -