This is the fifth Season Two episode of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman


Ruff sent all the FETCHers out to Misery Island to solve the ancient mystery of Dogtopia and Catlantis. Ruff's Uncle McRuffmantosh led the way, helping the FETCHers find stone idols hidden on the island. Their mission was to discover why these former friends became enemies. The FETCHers divided into two teams:

  • The Dog Team (Bridget, Nina, and Willie) had to look for stone fire hydrants and solve riddles which would lead them to valuable dog idols hidden nearby. They were given instructions and island coordinates plus archaeologist gear.
  • The Cat Team (Madi, Rosario, and Mike) had to go out and look for stone balls of yarn and solve riddles which would lead them to valuable cat idols hidden nearby.

The answer to this mystery is that all dogs & cats are afraid of vacuum cleaners.

After completing their challenge, The FETCHers returned to the studio for the triumph tally one team at a time.

All the FETCHers:

  • 30 points: For uncovering the long lost idols of the island of cats and dogs
  • 50 points: For solving the most mysterious mystery the world has ever known (When a shipment of vacuum cleaners landed on Little Misery island, the cats blamed the dogs, and the dogs blamed the cats. This ended the peaceful coexistence of cats and dogs.)

Dog Team: (Bridget, Nina, & Willie)

  • 10 points: For working out the pulley

Cat Team: (Madi, Rosario, & Mike)

  • 10 points: For building an electromagnet

Giving everyone a total of 90 points!

BUT: "Is that all the points a dog can give?"

Ruff awarded 10 points to Madi for taking charge and cracking the Bonehenge code. Madi was the daily winner with 100 points. Her prize was a used vacuum bag.


  • This was the first appearance of Ruff's Uncle McRuffmantosh.
  • Nina's shorts have changed for the rest of this episode after she said that she was scared, but she thinks the plan was a good idea for this first Season 2 group challenge.

Triumph TallyEdit

  • MADI: 100
  • Everyone else: 90

Daily ScoresEdit

No one has moved after this episode:

  • MIKE: 400
  • BRIDGET: 395
  • WILLIE: 375
  • MADI: 355
  • NINA: 335
  • ROSARIO: 330