Tape Loops And Loop-The-Loops is the 14th Season 2 episode of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman


Ruff sent Mike and Madi out to lay down tracks. They went to a radio station and learned some songwriting skills from Kamir, their music expert. They wrote a sweet and touching tribute to Grandma Ruffman and sang it over live radio!

Willie and Bridget also were sent out to lay down tracks. They boarded a plane and went south to Orlando, Florida, where they met Bernie and Jason, Disney Imagineers (roller coaster engineers). Ruff wanted them to design their very own roller coasters. They rode Expedition Everest and Thunder Mountain to get some ideas. Even better, they got to ride their own roller coaster in a simulator and test it on the public!

Meanwhile, Rosario and Nina hung out at Studio G and won 40 points after answering the half-time quiz questions again.

After completing their challenges, Mike, Madi, Bridget, and Willie returned to Studio G for the Triumph Tally:

Willie and Bridget:

  • 10 points: For bravely testing stomach-turning roller coasters
  • 30 points: For designing their own coaster
  • 15 points: For testing their coaster with a model to see if it worked
  • 20 points: For satisfying the public — "a coaster is only as good as the screams!"

Giving them a grand total of 75 points!

Mike and Madi:

  • 25 points: For getting all 5 required words in the song
  • 30 points: For overcoming fear of singing rap on live radio
  • 30 points: For pleasing grandma who thought it was the best gift and the "hippest, hippety-hip hop song"

Giving them a total of 85 points!

BUT: "Is that all the points a dog can give?"

Ruff awarded 5 points to Mike for finding a rhyme for an obscure 7-syllable word "triskedekaphobia." With 90 points, Mike was the daily winner. Ruff gave him Ruff-themed wrapping paper for his prize. And that's a wrap!

 Triumph TallyEdit

  • MIKE: 90
  • MADI: 85
  • ROSARIO & NINA: 40

Daily ScoresEdit

  • MIKE & WILLIE: 960
  • BRIDGET: 930
  • ROSARIO: 925
  • NINA: 890
  • MADI: 885


  • At one question in the quiz, Nina and Rosario answered right away because that was a long question.

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