Contestants Edit

Marc "Marco" Frongillo

Emeline "Emmie" Atwood

Marc Prophet

Rubye Peyser

Jay Ricco

Shreya Vinswanathan

Episodes Edit

1: Ruff Fetches The Fetchers (10/4/2010)

2: Game Show Isle (10/5/2010)

3: You Can't Teach An Orange Dog New Tricks (10/6/2010)

4: The Ol' Shell Game (10/7/2010)

5: Ruffman Manor Is Haunted (10/11/2010)

6: It's Ruff In The Ring (10/12/2010)

7: A Whole Flock Of Cheese (10/13/2010)

8: How Much Frosting Can You Bear? (10/14/2010)

9: The Legend Of Ruffman's Gold (10/18/2010)

10: Who Wants To Trade For Some Old Tracks (10/19/2010)

11: Eureka' Is Not A Brand Of Dog Food (10/20/2010)

12: That Sculpture Isn't Yours, It's Mime (10/21/2010)

13: Look What The Dog Dug Up (10/25/2010)

14: Ruff Follows His Dream (10/26/2010)

15: Birds Are Handy! (10/27/2010)

16: Wolfing Down Some Barbeque (10/28/2010)

17: Go Belugas Go! (11/1/2010)

18: Snoop Dog (11/2/2010)

19: Long Glen Silver and the Pursuit of the Golden Fetchie! (11/3/2010)

20: The Fetch Finale (11/4/2010)

  • This episode marks FETCH!'s 100th episode. It is also the final episode.

Final Results Edit

1st: Season 5 Grand Champion (Marco)

2nd: Emmie

3rd: Rubye

4th: Shreya

5th: Marc

6th: Jay


  • Marco survived after all the elimination rounds before he was crowned FETCH! Grand Champion, which no other FETCH Grand Champion from the previous seasons did.
  • This was the only time all of the FETCHers scored 50 points in the Halftime Quiz Show.
  • There is a typo in the episode "Go Belugas, Go!" In the halftime quiz show, in one of the questions, they spell Marc's name "Mark"
  • Rubye and Emmie were the only two FETCHers who have known each other before being on FETCH!
  • Jay is the only Fetcher to say his age on the show. He was 13 when he was on FETCH!; However, there are some theories on how old Emmie and Rubye might be.
  • In January 2010 WGBH had auditions for it's sixth season but on June 14, 2010 they announced that Season 5 of FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman will be the final season due to lack of funding. On June 27, 2010 Jim Conroy, the voice of Ruff, made the official announcement at the Daytime Emmy award ceremony. On Jim's Facebook page he said, "It's such an impossible task going up against Sesame Street and The Electric Company. So you have to consider the nomination as a win. Can't complain. PBS gave us 100 episodes and 5 seasons. Many good shows never saw that kind of time." FETCH! aired its fifth and final season from October 4, 2010 to November 4, 2010.

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