Ruffman Manor is Haunted! is an episode of season five of Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, released in 2010.

Plot Edit

Ruff gets a telegram saying he has inherited "Ruffman Manor". He doesn't know if he should go. Instead, he asks his assisstant, Chet, if he put in some halloween music. After Ruff said the words, "What do you mean you didn't put it in?", the lights went out in which Ruff hides under the Fetch 3000!

In Studio G, Ruff tells his contestents, the Fetchers, about the telegram and sends them to the castle to find out who created the curse.

The Fetchers decide to set a spooky trap on the criminal. They put a fake ghost near a door and hide! It looks lik neither the cook, the Gardner, or the butler was nearby, until the butler struck the trap! He confessed he wanted to scare people near the mansion so he could be incharge.

After everything was settled, Ruff decided not to leave.