This is the 5th Season 5 episode of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman


Ruff just inherited Ruffman Manor! But the bad news—it's haunted by Maximilian Ruffman!

Ruff sent the FETCHers to spend the night investigating the haunted mansion. The butler told them all about Maximilian's nightly routine: Maximilian would howl for his dinner, retire to his bedroom to chase his tail, then return to his doghouse. In the morning, he headed straight to the study to spend his day next to his owner.

That night, the FETCHers observed everything the butler had described! But when they investigated some more, they discovered the hauntings were faked! Rubye and Shreya found spotlights and puppets that were used to make ghost-like shadows, Jay and Marc determined that the ghost they saw was an optical illusion, and Marco and Emmie found a secret room with a recording of a howling dog!

In the morning, the FETCHers set traps in the study to catch the suspect. Shreya, Marco, and Emmie set up an alarm while Jay, Marc, and Rubye set up a net to catch the crook. It turned out that the butler did it!

With their challenge completed, the FETCHers went back to Studio G for the Triumph Tally:


  • 80 points: for netting the bad guy and spending the night in such a scary place

BUT: "Is that all the points a dog can give?"

Marco won 10 bonus points for demonstrating leadership and a cool head when the mansion's lights went out. His prize was a pumpkin costume with Ruff's face on it! Ruff decided not to move into Ruffman Manor because he loved his home too much!

Quotes Edit

(When an eyeball was rolling at Ruff’s feet.It gave Ruff a shock.)

  • Ruff: “Zoinks.”

(The eyeball opened up revealing Chet under there.)

(When Jay and Marc got scared of a ghost.)

  • Both: “Ghost.Run.”

Triumph TallyEdit

  • MARCO: 90
  • Everyone else: 80

Daily ScoresEdit

  • MARCO: 330
  • SHREYA: 320
  • RUBYE: 295
  • JAY: 290
  • MARC & EMMIE: 45