Ruff Ruffman Breaks The Mold is the Season Two Premiere of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman


It was the Season 2 premiere... but it looked like the new season would only be one episode long! Ruff met his new intern... A CAT NAMED BLOSSOM!! And Ruff had another problem: some serious mold in his doghouse! The health department was going to shut down FETCH until further notice! So he sent Mike and Willie to mold expert, Dr. Thompson, who took them on a germ hunt. During their exploration they learned that not all germs are bad, otherwise we'd be sick all the time!

Ruff had a second "mould" problem, only this one was actually delicious! He sent Nina and Madi to a chocolate factory to work with moulds and make chocolates called "Chocolate Ruffies."

Meanwhile at Studio G, Bridget and Rosario scored 35 points on their half-time quiz.

After completing their challenges, Willie, Mike, Nina, and Madi returned to Studio G for the Triumph Tally:

Madi and Nina:

  • 25 points: For helping the candy company keep up with all the chocolate orders without eating all the chocolate
  • 20 points: For handling the pressure of the conveyor belt
  • 40 points: For making 100 customized Ruffies (chocolates)

Giving them a total of 85 points!

Willie and Mike:

  • 25 points: For finding germs
  • 40 points: For growing germs
  • 10 points: For Willie's great questions

Giving Willie a total of 75 points and Mike a total of 65!

BUT: "Is that all the points a dog can give?"

Ruff awarded 5 points to Nina: "the one who thinks chocolate can be a fashion statement." As she baked and assembled chocolates, Nina started to wear her chocolate like make-up, with streaks and smears across her cheeks. She blew the competition away with 90 points. Ruff awarded her a mould with liver-mousse patties in it. Nina was very happy to share them, but not to eat them!

Triumph Tally/Daily ScoresEdit



  • At the end of this episode, The Board-Of-Health Department decided to change their mind after saying they'll shut down the show.

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