Mission Improbable is an episode of season three of Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, released in 2008.

Plot Edit

When Ruff gets a fortune cookie opener, Chet the mouse almost strikes it! Blossom the cat asks where he got it. Sadly, Ruff confesses he bankrupted the family dog collar! Soon, he gets a telegram, saying the collar has being used for evil.

Ruff calls the Fetchers and tells them their mission: get the Ruffman family dog collar back from a power-hungry spy called Ken L. Koff (aka Kennelkoff)! He tells them to get trained by knowledgeable spies.

Afterward, the Fetchers head out to hunt down Kennelkoff! They finally catch him at the airport, where the evil spy's puppy is wearing the collar! The Fetchers take the collar off the puppy while Ruff yells, "I know, but Kennelkoff is getting away!" Kennelkoff jumps into his helicopter and flys away.

In the end, Ruff's dreams are being haunted by his ancesters: a president, a dancer, and a cowboy.