A Lobster Bake? Oh Buoy! is the 15th Season 2 episode of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman

Plot Edit

Ruff was planning to host a lobster bake beach party and needed Nina and Willie to set everything up. Unfortunately, most of the equipment was swept out by the tide. They followed their experts, Jen and Maria, into the deep to retrieve Ruff's lost stuff.

Bridget and Rosario had a different sort of deep sea scavenging challenge. They learned to set lobster traps and identify legal lobsters from illegal ones. With the aid of their expert, Captain Mike, these crustacean catchers caught 35 lobsters for Ruff's lobster bake!

Meanwhile, back at Studio G, Madi and Mike earned 45 points on the half-time quiz show.

After completing their challenges, the FETCHers returned to Studio G for the Triumph Tally:

Rosario and Bridget:

  • 35 points: For bringing home 38 lobsters when Ruff only asked for 35
  • 40 points: For being able-bodied deck hands

Giving them a total of 75 points!

Willie and Nina:

  • 25 points: For getting in the ocean even though it was cold and the party supplies were at the bottom of it
  • 40 points: For "nice" brain work. They figured out how to lift heavy objects without straining muscles
  • 15 points: For Nina because she snorkeled instead of scuba diving
  • 20 points: For Willie because he was daring enough to scuba dive and jump in head first

Giving Nina 80 points and Willie 85 points!

BUT: "Is that all the points a dog can give?"

Ruff was feeling generous and awarded 5 points to Bridget who was a "natural" at lobster catching. Still, Willie had a nice comfortable lead with 85 points. He was the daily winner! His prize: a ridiculous lobster hat.

Quotes Edit

(When Ruff sees some stuff under the water.)

  • Ruff: “Oh no.Fetch 3000.Launch the distress signal.”

Triumph Tally Edit

  • WILLIE: 85
  • BRIDGET & NINA: 80
  • ROSARIO: 75
  • MADI & MIKE: 45

Daily Scores Edit

  • WILLIE: 1045
  • BRIDGET: 1010
  • MIKE: 1005
  • ROSARIO: 1000
  • NINA: 970
  • MADI: 930